World Trade Day

The World Centre Goa organized “Word Trade Day’ programme on the topic “The 4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on World Trade” on 29th May 2019 at Panaji, Goa

World Trade Day is very significant event for the World Trade Centres present in 88 countries around the Globe. World Trade Day is an innovative programme organized by World Trade Centers across the World. This day promotes the concept of Economic Development  through International Trade and seeks to find sustainable ways that SMEs can grow. The primary mission of WTD is to facilitate and promote trade and investment of the region. The World Trade Day will provide an effective platform for budding entrepreneurs, exporters, MSMEs and the public at large, overall world view of international trade, to explore newer markets, learn from experts on the emerging opportunities that markets across the world have to offer.

Mr D Kumar Pillai, Managing Director – Oriyon Plastics and Packaging Products P Ltd,  in his key note address, said that  the F.I.R. (Fourth Industrial Revolution) will  transform the way we live, work and  relate. It will blur the boundaries between People, Internet and the Physical World. He went on to state that by 2020 we can expect to see the First Robotic Pharmacy, first 3D Printed Car and that 90%of the people will have regular access to the Internet. The F.I.R will be a disruptive force and he foresees that office jobs will plummet wheras Mathematics hobs will grow. Factory workers will lose jobs but Data Analyists will gain jobs, communication will be digitalized and free all , Artificial  Intelligence and Robots will do most of our work which will give us more time for leisure activities. Thus he said that although this technology will be disruptive it will be good for mankind in the long run.

Mr Ambar Kamat, Director – Entillize Infotech, addressed the delegates on the topic of Block Chain Technology and Cyber Security. He began by saying that Block Chain Technology is and incorruptible digital ledger of transaction that can be programmed ro record not only just financial transactions but virtually everything of Value. He further elaborated that Neighborhood Micro Grids, Identity management for adoption for Anti Money Laundering and Know your Customer process and Land Records will be direct benefits of the Block Chain Technology. He was optimistic that the Digital Revolution will create more jobs to the tune of 1.5 million as the investment in Cyber Security will be enhanced over a period of time.

Mr Bharat Kamat, Director of Kamat Infratech Pvt Ltd and Chairman of Indian Green Buildings Council, Goa Chapter talked about “Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy” a Green Building Perspective. He appraised the delegates that the Green buildings Movement that started in the year 2001 with just one Building of 20,000 square feet has today grown to 4,509 Green buildings projects covering 5.27 billion square feet. He highlighted the Tangible and Intangible benefits of Green Buildings like reduction on Carbon Dioxide, Energy and Water Saving, diversion of Construction Wastes from Landfills, increase in Productivity through reduction in absenteeism and enhancement of Indoor Environmental Quality. Mr Kamat stated that the Indian Green Buildings Council promotes the Circular economy by Designing our Waste, using more renewable energy and reducing embodied carbon over a whole building lifecycle.

Mr Chester Fernandes, Business Development Executive of Akshay Clean Energy briefly explained the business opportunities that Renewal Energy sector will offer. Mr Fernandes pointed out the  Global Lithium Ion Battery market will grow significantly and offer business opportunities in battery storage manufacture. He pointed out that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will open up new opportunities in Electricity Generation through harnessing of Wind Power, Solar Power and Biomass. He then highlighted some of the Government initiatives like Central Finance Assistance and the Make in India programme that would be significant contributors to enhance the Business Opportunities in harnessing Solar Power. Mr Fernandes also presented the business opportunities that would be available to the Goan and local MSMEs in the manufacturing of Solar Panels, Inverters and Smart Meters.

Earlier in his Inaugural address, Mr Cyril Desouza, Assistant Director – Trade Promotion, World Trade Centre Goa said that the past Industrial Revolutions initially did lead to significant loss of Jobs but at the same time the Industrial Revolutions improved our Medical and Health care systems, gave us a better Standard of Living and improved our quality of life and thus created more jobs and  opened up newer opportunities for investment. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be digital based, he said, but opined that it will create more lucrative avenues for Invest and Trade Gobally.

Mr Cyril Desouza, Assistant Director – Trade Promotion, World Trade Centre Goa, Mr Ambar Kamat,Director – Eintellize Infotech, Mr D Kumar Pillai, Managing Director – Oriyon Plastics and PackagingProducts P. Ltd, Mr Bharat Kamat, Director – Kamat Infratech Pvt Ltd and Mr Chester Fernandes -Business Development Executive – Akshay Clean Energy.

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