‘Business Opportunity’ with a Belgium based Cereal Manufacturer

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‘Business Opportunity’ with a Belgium based Cereal Manufacturer

A Belgian based company, is looking for the distributor /Partner in India – It is a state of the art cereals processing factory, located in Belgium. The Company is one of the world’s only independent cereals manufacturer having the technology, the equipment and the formulations knowledge to offer cereal products with the very same quality of the world’s market leaders.

belgium cereals

Produces a wide range of world class cereals products, including:

• Infant cereals
• All family cereals
• Cereal mixes for healthcare nutrition
• Cereal supplements
• Binders
• Hydrolyzed flour

Cooperate with industries all over the world in co-packing and co-branding top quality cereal items. Aim to partner with strong distributors and industries, to share our know-how in the field of healthy cereals and help bring to their markets top quality and highly competitive products. The partner should be a producer having the distribution network , and having the strengths in sales and marketing to put on the market a product like “Cerelac”.

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